Almost There, With Gratitude

Before A Better Life was published, just over three years ago, I began work on my new manuscript, which I called A Thousand Secrets. When people ask how my writing is going, if I have another novel yet, “I’m working on it,” I respond. “Making progress,” I say. And I have. And now, after countless drafts and revisions, suggestions from early readers, and a professional developmental edit, I have a completed 91,000-word manuscript. And a new title: Some Kind of Justice.

As with my first novel, I am in the process of deciding whether to seek an agent or to self-publish again. I now know firsthand the hard of work self-publishing and marketing, but I also know the incredible sense of accomplishment it brings. There is also a lot to be said for having complete control over every aspect of the publishing process and the joy of having independent book stores accept my book and honor it with a place on their shelves.

Even after three years, people are still buying and talking about A Better Life. I had a friend reach out last week who noticed the similarities between the novel and the heartbreaking events in New Hampshire involving a missing little girl, Harmony. The next day, a reader reached out to tell me how much she enjoyed the novel and that her book club chose it for this month’s reading and discussion. She, too, noticed the parallels between A Better Life and the tragic story of Harmony. My heart goes out to this little girl and I pray for her safe return. Maybe being a writer, being open to endless possibilities, helps me envision a hopeful scenario in which Harmony is somehow safe and protected by someone who is caring for her and will eventually return her to her mother.

I will be forever grateful for readers taking the time to write to me, to the positive reviews I have received on Amazon, as well as to the people I meet who tell me how much they enjoyed A Better Life. My new novel, Some Kind of Justice will be published this year. Whether it is through a traditional publisher or self-published, it will be in the hands of readers, and hopefully find a place in their hearts and minds as well.

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