Turning Points and Transitions

It’s the last day of August, fall coming on just a little too quickly, but welcome just the same.

A major focus for the past nine months has been on marketing and promoting A Better Life. What in my mind was a necessary evil became a joyful, enlightening and rewarding experience. The book launch, the book clubs, the press release, the readings and book signings, getting the book into independent bookstores, the newspaper and radio interviews, were all more than I ever thought I could do and more enjoyable than I ever anticipated. Now it is time to step back from promotion and return my energy and focus to my new novel.

The working title right now is A Thousand Secrets. It is too young, too early to talk about the story yet. There is a lot of work to be done and much to discover. It will take time. My goal is to have it published by December 2020. Whether I will find an agent willing to represent me and my work or whether I publish independently again remains to be seen.

It feels like just the right time for a transition. It feels like a new start. It feels like I have accomplished exactly what I had hoped for with A Better Life, to have people reading it and talking about it. I am so grateful to be on this journey of writing to publishing to marketing and back. Just like our four seasons, it is a cycle, and with the end of this season comes the beginning of another.

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