When the press release for A Better Life was sent out by Beth D’Ovidio at the New Hampshire Writers Project, it was picked up and published by The Eagle Times in Claremont, as well as The Concord Monitor, and also resulted in an interview and article in HippoPress. Having such support and assistance with marketing from the NHWP almost makes me feel like I have an agent. There was also a wonderful feature article this past week published by my local newspaper, The Lowell Sun. All this publicity is not only exciting, but has resulted in a number of encouraging things:  a bump in sales, some wonderful Facebook reactions and posts, phone calls and texts of congratulations. The biggest impact so far, though, has been on this site, with a dramatic increase in visits and views. It didn’t take much reflection to realize I need to increase my own participation and drive in promotion and publicity, not just of my work, but of myself as a writer.

After an 8-day trip to Ireland and a conscious decision to step away from the new novel for that time and look at it with fresh eyes when I returned, I am at the lake once again immersed in the story. I am also determined to finish and publish this post and make some plans and goals for further promotion.

When I return to Lowell tomorrow, I will begin reaching out to libraries to ask not only if they would carry my book, but about arranging readings and book signings. I also plan to work more diligently on this site, posting more frequently and finding ways to increase my followers. And in the back of my mind, there’s Twitter, something I have been avoiding for a number of reasons. I still don’t feel quite ready to dive into that yet. Every step I take on this journey, no matter how small it may seem, is an accomplishment to be celebrated.

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