The Launch

The book launch for my first novel was a night of innocence and revelations and joy, of pride and congratulations and joy. Everything was perfect.IMG_1722 (1)

People asked about the story, the characters, the time it took to write the book, about where I got the idea. The conversations were easy and I signed about forty books, only forgetting a couple of names.IMG_1718

I chose two selections from the novel to read, a few pages from chapter two and a few from chapter five. It was the first time I read the story out loud to anyone and I felt the power behind the words more than I did when they were lying flat on the page. I looked up after the first reading and everyone looked back at me, leaning forward silently. I thought something was wrong, but found out later they were wanting and waiting for more. It was absolutely silent for a few seconds before someone clapped and there was a little nervous laughter. After I read the second time, I raised my glass in a toast to all the incredible people who came to be part of that special night and wish me well.IMG_1720 - Copy (2)


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