Opening Doors to Learning

The love of learning has always been part of who I am. As an educator, I tried to instill that love of learning in my students. Third graders were always eager to learn new things — multiplication, cursive, telling time, and they loved to write.

As I moved on to teaching fourth grade and then middle school, some of my students’ eagerness turned into do we have to? Like many things, if you have to, it can seem less interesting, less motivating, less stimulating. Or so I thought. I am finding I have to do many things in order to succeed as a writer, and they are no less interesting, motivating or stimulating.

When I completed my novel, it opened a new door to learning:

  • I learned that finishing a novel is another beginning.
  • I learned how to write a query letter and a synopsis.
  • I learned that you need an agent in order to get a publisher.
  • I learned that each agency has a number of agents, each with their own requirements and interests.
  • I learned persistence, and with every rejection I learned the importance of believing in myself and my work.

Then, I decided to self-publish, opening another door to learning:

  • I learned about Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • I learned how to format and publish a novel.
  • I learned that publishing a novel is another beginning.

Now, in the midst of marketing and promotion, I have opened another door to learning:

  • I learned how to create a web site/blog.
  • I learned how to create a Facebook page.
  • I learned about Instagram and have started posting.
  • I am learning to reach out to people and create a social media presence.

Most of all, I am learning how supportive people are, how genuinely my family, friends and acquaintances want me to be successful in this endeavor. It makes this writer’s journey all the more enjoyable to have such beautiful company.

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