The Journey Begins

I began this journey after a dream. I had rarely written anything before, but that dream was so real. As soon as I woke up I grabbed a yellow pad of paper and wrote it down. I wrote more about how I felt, the panic and excitement, than I wrote about the events, though they were there, too. I couldn’t believe I would do what I did in the dream, but in the morning I felt it all, still. These were my first inklings of Jenny and Margaret, the two main characters in my book to come out soon, more than fifteen years after that dream.
It was a pretty long journey.
I wonder if it would have been the same story if I had written it in a shorter amount of time. There are so many ways a story can come out. I like to believe this was Jenny and Margaret’s story. I like to believe I was true to them. There were so many pages, hundreds of pages of happenings and dialogue that I contrived that are long gone, thank goodness.
A Better Life is my first novel, and this is my first post, to take you along at the beginning of my journey, the one I am just beginning. Putting myself out there, being so public, is something I have pretty much dreaded, but I have come to believe I will enjoy it. It is early, though. I will make sure I make time and take time to work on my new novel. I don’t want to let down my new cast of characters and it won’t take another fifteen years.

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Quite a story! Amazing that all of this can come from a dream 🙂
    Looking forward to meeting your new characters some day.


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