Writing and Wordle

Yes, I’m a fan. And I’m glad there is only one puzzle a day. I have enough puzzles in my writing that are far more interesting and rewarding to solve. I did realize this morning, though, how both require paying attention, realizing mistakes and a willingness to change course.

The directions for Wordle are simple and direct. In the beginning, however, when I guessed the right letters but in the wrong places, I left them there for my next guess, trying to figure out how to make them work. They didn’t, of course, but I continued as if they could. I think just having a correct letter or two gave me hope. I thought I could make them work where they were. Somehow, I forgot the directions and ignored the truth. Then, when I realized what I was doing and that my approach had to change, I corrected it and moved on.

As I write, I need to pay attention always, but especially when something isn’t working. Now that I have been at this a while, I don’t write as many pages that I need to totally discard, and, at this point in the process of writing this particular story, moving scenes is mostly what I’m doing, placing them where they work better (at least for now). I’ve never written quite like this before, writing dozens of pages, knowing they are part of the story, but not knowing exactly where they will go yet. What I am pretty sure of, though, is that they are pieces of the puzzle.

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