I’m Not Lost

Sometimes I feel so lost I can’t take one more step.

I am somewhere in the new story. I realized yesterday I am losing my characters, which tells me I have written something not true, so not true that the people whose stories I am supposed to tell are turning their backs on me, and I don’t blame them. It is time to stop, go back to the beginning so I can see more clearly what my characters are trying to tell me. They want to tell me who they are and I need to listen.

The marketing and promotion of A Better Life is different now than just three weeks ago. It doesn’t have that brand-new feeling anymore. A lot of people have bought the book, for which I am forever grateful, and now I am getting some reactions and comments. I welcome them all. I am looking forward to meeting with two book clubs in the next few months and hearing comments, answering questions as best I can, and discussing the story and characters.

I am not lost forever. I am looking ahead and even though I don’t see a well-defined, clear trail ahead, that doesn’t mean I am lost. It means I can make choices and look for different ways of promoting A Better Life that make sense in my mind and heart. And it means there is a lot of room for my new cast of characters to come alive.

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